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Share Tips About Wig Extensions You Don't Know

May 13, 2019 11:14:07 PM

Every girl wants to look beautiful, and the beauty is a lot of hair. Sometimes your hair is what you like, sometimes they are not, but extension is an easy way to get the hair you dream of. Having a beautiful hair extension is incredible, even changing lifestyles, struggling with delicate or soft locks, or not getting as long and sweet as they hope, hair extensions can be for their hair The problem provides the best solution.

As more and more women around the world like and sometimes need extended help, I feel more important than ever to explain the basic principles, buy quality hair extensions, and help women understand and understand hair extensions. Industry, in order to make information choices, and stop losing money and time on substandard hair extensions and/or application methods.

Are you looking for the best hair extension guide that can help you understand all about wigs, who can wear them, and how to install them, then this is available. This hair extension guide will guide you through everything about hair extensions and help you understand the best way without any hassle!

(一) Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the simplest and fastest solution to get thick and long hair in just minutes. These wefts come with clips attached to them that can be clip into natural hair weft by weft. If you are looking for a solution that can help you get longer, beautiful locks without the hassle and long-term dedication then this is the perfect solution to it.

 Want long or added fullness to your hair?

(二) What Kind of Hair Extension is Best for You?

When you are out, look for the best extension for yourself, then you must choose a natural hair and lifestyle that blends perfectly with you. If you like to shower, swim, play and dance regularly, clip-in extensions are the ideal choice. These extensions provide proper hygiene and are even longer than others.

 With tight clips the set is ready for instant use in just 5 minutes! It comes complete with 16 metal clips and the wefts complete with silicone tubing for a secure grip!

(三) Choose the Right Color for Hair Extension

Hair extensions are available in varieties of colors and shades, varying from Blonde to Black. You can shop for multi-tonal adapt systems that means there are lowlights and subtle, darker and lighter strands through each set. Hence, you can select extensions ranging in movement, depth, and dimension. Also, make sure that you select the extension that blends well with your natural hair. You can always search online and decide on an extension shade before you make a final decision.

 Want long or added fullness to your hair? Try our full head set!

(四) Is Hair Extension a Good Choice for Short Hair?

If your shoulder length is at least 6-7 inches, then you can use the extension. With this length, you can blend the extension perfectly and have the hairstyle you want.

 If your hair is short, then we recommend that you choose a heavier hair to ensure that your weft is a perfect blend of natural hair. You must choose a heavier weight extension, because if you choose a lighter weight extension, this may look unnatural and rough. If you have short hair and light hair, then we recommend that you use a lighter extension.

 Can be curled, straightened, tonged, washed & dyed.

(五) Are They Suitable for Hair Styling?

Yes, the style of the hair extension can be designed in different ways. There are high quality extensions that can straighten, curl, style and blow dry natural forms. But it's important to protect your extension from the various styles. This is possible when using high quality thermal protection sprays before styling hair styles.

In addition, it is recommended to use only low-heat styling tools to design extended styles. Because anything higher than the desired temperature can damage the hair extension and can even cost a lot of money. Use a low-heat styling tool to extend the life of your hair extensions. You can even try a headless hairstyle.

 100% Silky Remy Human Hair-Wavy

(六) Does Hair Extension Damage Your Hair?

Whether wigs can damage your hair depends on how they are used. While some extensions are permanent and can cause damage, using temporary extensions will not cause any damage to your natural hair. The clip-in extension is a temporary hair extension that won't damage your natural hair. The only thing you need to make sure is to avoid sleeping with your wig and putting too much pressure on your hair. So if you look for lossless extensions, then clip-in extensions is the best answer!

 70g for 14 inches; 90g for 16 inches. Hair length plus every 2 inches add 10 grams weight.

(七) The Life of Hair Extension

Of course, when you buy an extension, you will spend your core cash. So if you want to know how long they last and how long they last, it doesn't matter! While the extended life depends on how you care about them and how much they are maintained, clip-in extensions are the longest extension in town. If you buy high quality clip-in extensions, they will last for 6 months.

The highest level extension is the Remy hair extension. If you want to be durable and provide an extension of the perfect natural look, it's the perfect choice. The highest quality clip-in expansion will ensure that each hair is carefully sorted and processed to provide you with a soft, silky and glossy extension that is completely tangled.

 The streaks come with pre-installed clips so they are ready to just clip into your hair as normal to add a flash of colour.

With the extension of the hair, you can change your style. Party, travel, street shooting, and daily life can all be freely matched. You can also choose the right hair extension for yourself according to your own preferences. You can be different from yourself every day. You are the most beautiful scenery.

I hope that those just mentioned can help you very well. If you want to know more information, you can visit our website at https://www.wigsdo.com

Lace Wigs To Make You Glamorous

Apr 22, 2019 7:47:54 PM

Are you upset because your style is relatively simple? Have you ever experienced wearing beautiful clothes and shoes and found that there is no perfect hairstyle to match? Have you ever tried to match your personality and mood to your hair? Sexy and beautiful styles are usually long and wavy, while young and fashionable styles are usually short and avant-garde. Constantly styling your hair to match a certain look can be damaging. You need some lace wig style that will eventually help you achieve the look you want.

The TOP & CROWN area of this wig has been HAND TIED, with an additional delicate, net lining.

A good quality lace wig can make every lady look great and let us stand out from the crowd. The difficulty of finding the ideal lace wig is not always due to the color, hair or quality of the wig. Some styles look great, but in fact some styles will detract from your appeal. Look for the perfect hair wig that perfectly matches your face. Most of the hair is hand-woven into a mesh lace, just like your natural hair.

It is a long, layered and luxurious human hair wig that is hand-made and perfected in every way.

Lace wigs give you an instant natural look, which gives you confidence. The highest quality wigs are made from humans and can be handmade or factory made. Customers mainly like custom lace wigs, which are factory-made and of good quality. There is usually no possibility of disappointment after consumption. Fixes can be done through other services, such as free fixes. Hair repair primarily involves a simple procedure for proper tearing and tearing on a lace wig. Women often send new purchases for repairs because of their own carelessness, such as cutting off excess lace around the hairline. We can also repair wigs at home by remembering important tips.

Flirty, short, feminine style that frames the face with shimmering, delicate layers.

Using lace wigs in the right way can provide a good camouflage for your single, dry look. It is very easy to use because it sticks to the natural hairline in a very natural way. Lace wigs come in a variety of styles to suit different customer choices, so they can choose the right lace wig for their appearance and facial features.

It is very chic, short Remy human hair wig.

In terms of length, the chin length lace wig is a happy medium length. A style with a layer will make the face outline and make any head shape flatter. A full lace wig is very versatile because it can be fixed into a bun or put down. Hair wigs are also a good choice. If you want a warmer shade but don't want that wig-like sheen, then human hair is usually true color and has no shine.

The TOP & CROWN area of this wig has been HAND TIED, with an additional delicate, net lining.

Lace wigs are synonymous with the appearance of a monk. Long wavy and soft silky hair is the ultimate lace wig style. With so many types of curls and waves, it's easy to find a lace wig that achieves this look. The longer the lace length, the more expensive the lace wig. The subtle touch of many lace wigs is the highlights and hair color. Light tones and rich brown or bold black are good colors for the look.

It is a human hair wig that is cut into the perfect bob hairstyle.

Lace wigs are full of young and stylish styles. Because young women are the biggest consumers of lace wigs. These are the most interesting lace wigs, because everything about youth is unique and avant-garde. When you buy a lace wig with a youthful look, you can choose a short, stand out color and extra long.

The short bob wig has cheek-length middle-parting bang with scissors cut ends.

Whether you are a young girl or an older lady, you can choose one or more lace wigs. Beauty is not about age, giving yourself a beautiful opportunity within the limits of personal abilities. Whether you are pursuing a stylish look, shaping your personality, or enhancing your confidence, and getting a young and beautiful look, lace wigs are your best choice.

It is designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair.

To purchase lace wigs online, please visit [https://www.wigsdo.com] . We are committed to providing quality products to every customer and providing intimate customer service. We hope that consumers are satisfied with our products, which is our greatest pursuit. Lace wigs have many styles and rich colors. According to personal needs, I believe that there must be the one that suits you best! Lace wigs help you open the door to fashion, making you glamorous!

Bob Wig of Popular Short Wig

Feb 13, 2019 6:24:36 PM

Men and women wear wigs for some reason. Whether it's emphasizing or supplementing their equipment or masking any of the health effects, using wigs as accessories can give a completely different look and enhance their confidence. When choosing a wig style, it is important to consider a person's face. This will help to heal and emphasize a person's positive characteristics while attracting attention to any unpleasant areas of the face.

There are now many women's wigs to choose from, and you can almost enjoy the opportunity and the pleasure of choice. It's a feeling of freedom, knowing that you can change your hair every day, or it's very different from your previous hair. There is no need to stick to the previous hairstyle. This is a choice that you should not take lightly but should be intoxicated.

When buying 100% human hair wigs, many women tend to buy long wigs. This is because in the past, long hair was considered a microcosm of beauty and health. But in fact, it's not. Although men's intuitive response to long-haired women is attractive, research has been conducted to show that short-haired women are considered intellectual, honest, independent, caring, emotional, and feminine. This is a major study based on psychology and hair length, facial appeal and personality attribution.

Today's hairstyles don't need to be long enough to be attractive. Short wigs can be as sexy as long wigs, even more sexy. In another study, a woman with a long wig was found to be less interested and attractive than a woman with a short wig.

Bob wigs are the most popular type of wigs among women, and this hair does not exceed the shoulders. This hair is also preferred because it brings all your facial details to focus, giving you a stunning look. They come in different designs, such as curls and straight hair; they can also be different types of human hair or synthetic hair. They also have different colors in many other factors, such as full lace tops and front lace wigs. Next, I will introduce you to some precautions for purchasing the correct bob wig.

 Determine Your Face Shape

Of course, you must pay attention to your face shape when you buy a wig. Any face can have short hair, but there are subtle differences. Once you've identified your face, it's time to determine which wig will flatten your face and which wigs you should avoid.

There are 3 ways to determine their face shape. The first method is the mirroring method. Attach your hair, look in front of the mirror, track your face on the mirror, and compare the shape of the image you find on the Internet. The second method is the tracking method. If you have an old photo, you can find the outline of your face. If you feel that these two methods don't work for you, you can use a tape measure to measure the face from the hairline to the chin and the farthest corner of the jaw area.

 This fashionable wig is very popular that allows the scalp to breathe.

Face Shape

Elliptical faces have the advantage of other face shapes because they can wear almost all styles because the face structure is well balanced and evenly proportioned. Shorter or longer wig styles can highlight human characteristics, especially those that deviate from the face. However, people with an elliptical face configuration should avoid wearing a wig with bangs because it may give the face the illusion of extra weight.

A person with a rounded face will look best when wearing a wig because it will increase the fullness and height of the crown area. Since the area around the chin area is larger than the rest of the face, it is important to avoid the use of wigs or short styles of chin length.

Individuals with square faces will find short to medium length styles, especially those that are layered will best fit as these soften their appearance. Curly or wavy wigs will balance their facial features. However, they should avoid using straight or short straight wigs as they will protrude the chin line.

Those with heart-shaped faces look good wearing wigs, these wigs have been swept forward one layer or chin length, as this will balance the face; but they should avoid using short wigs with tapered neckline because This will make the upper part of the face look heavier.

 This wig is a shoulder length, layered style with soft bangs that frames the face.

Skin Color

You must consider your skin color and how well it blends with the expected wig. As mentioned above, wigs tend to expose you to the focus of attention. Therefore, its color should be the color that complements the facial skin color and will not make you look like a chubby clown.

 The wig is a sassy tousled bob with a perfect fringe.

Material Structure of Wig

Another consideration is the different types of wigs and your compatibility with them. The Bob wig can be a silk base front or full lace; this means that you can use hair adhesives or suture the front laces on the scalp. Whenever you realize that you are allergic to adhesives, stitching is the best choice for you, so choose a base that allows sewing.

 Fantasy meets fashion with this multidimensional, purple berry hue.

Own Natural Hairstyle

Bob wigs are short when you buy your natural haircut, so if your hair style is long, dramatic changes may surprise you, and it may make you feel like you are being shaved. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it within the natural level, but with a wig, you can always try a new look at any time.

 This wig is a modern bob, perfectly layered with texture and volume.

Attention to Quality

Choose quality instead of price; bob wigs have different costs, only the best can serve you. I don't have marketing expensive people, silk base full lace wigs, but they give you exactly what you want. The simple reason for this is because the quality brings the details that are appropriate and worthwhile.

 A modern, punchy bob with loose ringlets all over that will make your look sizzle this summer!

I hope that some of the tips I have just mentioned can bring some help and inspiration to you considering bob wigs or considering bob wigs. Of course, these are just some information about bob wigs. If you are interested in learning more about wig styles and structures, please visit https://www.wigsdo.com.

Whether it's long hair or short hair, you should do whatever you want, because it feels great to wear it. On the beautiful road, we are with you.

How to Choose a Suitable Wig for Yourself

Jan 24, 2019 10:49:10 PM

We have problems choosing the hair style that suits us, and the variety of wigs on the market often make this choice even more daunting. The material and style of the wig are numerous, as well as the color, length and size, which will cause you a lot of trouble. First you should take the time to understand your face and choose the right style for your face. By choosing the right wig to hide certain parts of the face, you can attract the eye to see more attractive features; secondly, consider other aspects, such as choosing your favorite color. Be sure to identify the style you are comfortable with and choose your favorite wig.

Some people often wear wigs. Wearing wigs is part of their work for actors and other performers. For fusionists, wearing a wig is a fashion statement or simply changing the way they watch it regularly. For these people, which wig to choose may be simple because they are used to it and know what to look for. However, for those of us who wear wigs for the first time, choosing which wig to use may be a rather cumbersome task. Shopping should not be a stressful or difficult event. In fact, it can be fun. Just make sure you have all the right information about the wig so you can make the best choice.


1.Face shape: different facial shapes look better with different hair styles. If you have an oval face then you have the most options. If your head is longer, choose a wig that balances the forehead with the chin. Long hair styles and center parted wigs don't look very good on this type. If you have a more square face, choose a human hair wig that minimizes the broad lines and angles of your face, with roundness at the temples and the jaw line. Good styles are curly, shags, and mid-length.

 This is a gorgeous style, combining soft curls and straight layers.

2.Size: Wigs come in four sizes, measured in inches. Measuring your head will give you an idea of your size. There are three ways of measuring: around the head, front to back and ear to ear. The first takes a tape measure and uses the natural hairline as the top. Measure just over the ears and below the crest of your skull in back. Front to back is as it sounds: follow from your hairline to the top of your neck. Lastly, measure from one ear over the crown of your head to the other.

 This beautiful woman wig is a slightly angled bang with light layering along the neckline.

3.Color: For as natural a look as possible to "pass", stick to as close to your natural color as possible. Going for an outrageous color or an overly luxurious or  glamorous wig will only draw unwanted attention to yourself. Have a search on the internet for girls who have similar coloring and skin tone to you and see what colors suit them. If you have naturally mid brown- dark brown/black eyes and eyebrows, stick to darker wig colors with highlights or deep red colors. If you have blonde to light brown natural hair color and eyebrows, stick to the lighter colors on the spectrum or possibly ginger colors.

Usually you don't want to stray from the color of your eyebrows. If you are looking for cancer wigs, then you can use any color you want! Most colors come on a number scale from 1 to 60, the lower the darker. If the number has a slash, it means that there is about a 50/50 distribution of two colors. If there is a -, this

means that a lighter color is distributed through a darker color to produce a highlight effect.

 She is a sophisticated wig with long layers that make a powerful statement.

4.Set a budget. You may be surprised at how diverse the prices of wigs can be. There are very cheap ones that can be purchased for just $50 or so, while there are others that cost upwards of a thousand dollars. By determining how much you are willing to pay for a wig, you can limit your choices and thus make the procedure of choosing one a lot easier.

Wigs made from natural human hairs are generally more expensive while synthetic ones come with much more affordable prices. Other elements that affect the cost of a wig are the type of material used for making the cap, the type of procedures done for attaching the individual hair fibers to the cap, the source of the hair, and many more.

Human hair wigs give you more freedom to style and play with your wig. But synthetic wigs are pre-styled.

 The wig is a beautiful, long look.

5.Ask about wig maintenance. Different types of wigs require different maintenance procedures. Although the general procedures of washing and brushing are basically the same with all wig types, there are some hairpieces that need to be treated periodically with other special products.

Human hair wigs, for instance, may have to be sprayed with a moisturizer or protein solution to help retain its shine and bounce. Some wig manufacturers may also offer to repair their products after a couple of years by adding new strands to areas that may have thinned out over time. It would be good to know all these things before you actually make any purchase.

Shorter styles are usually easier to care for. Longer styles may need conditioning and other maintenance.

 The Wig is a lengthy bob with layered ends that create shape and movement.

6.Buy wig accessories . Buying wig accessories like a wig brush and wig pick to treat your wig and keep it looking new. Overall, wearing a wig is supposed to make you feel confident and comfortable. Go with a style that you love, and remember that if you take care of your wig, it will last longer. Most of all, have fun with it, even if you are wearing it as a chemo patient. Being positive will help you appreciate your wig and make you look and feel better.

 This long wig is a leader of the pack and has pure luxury and design.

7.Take a friend along for a second opinion. Of course there will be plenty of mirrors In a wig store so you will be able to clearly see what you look like as you try on different pieces. Naturally, the final decision would always rest on you but it would also be good to hear the input of another person because you may not always see what other people see.

 The wig is a sporty, classic style with state of the art cap design.

 Whether you are attending a masquerade or wearing it for everyday wear, perhaps to cover up hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy, you should take the time to decide which wig to buy. Be sure to find the wig that suits you according to your needs. After all, it is best for you.

My idea is to find a wig that doesn't look like a wig when it's worn on your head. You should look for something that looks and feels as natural as possible, so that the effect will be better. I hope this article can bring you some inspiration, but the specific choice you still have to choose according to your actual situation, and choose the appropriate wig style.

If you have any questions or tangled situations in the selection process, you can send us a photo to get advice on which styles are right for you. We will help you with your warm and friendly help to choose a wig that suits your heart and satisfy you.

There are plenty of natural and beautiful wigs to choose by yourself, you can visit https://www.wigsdo.com/.

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