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Three Types Of High Quality Wgs For You

Feb 28, 2017 9:22:57 PM

Custom-made real hair wigs

Perhaps you are experiencing significant hair thinning, hair loss or total hair loss? If so, a custom-made ladies wig could be the best product investment you'll ever make! Not only is this type of wig available in real, 100% human hair if you wish, it is also made from a cast of your own head - which means that nothing will provide a better, more secure fit. Custom-made real hair wigs can also be coloured and cut according to your own wishes. As you can imagine, a custom-made wig is more expensive than a ready-to-wear fibre wig but you will also benefit from longevity, a very realistic appearance and a second to none fit. If you have long term hair loss, a custom-made wig is definitely worth your consideration.


Monofilament wigs

A monofilament wig - as it is commonly known - refers to the type of base material used at the top or crown of a ladies wig. This material is a very fine gauze-like fabric onto which hair is individually knotted. It means that hair can swivel or move just like natural hair. From above, the parting of a mono top wig looks just like the scalp. If you often part and style your hair in different ways or you simply want a very realistic looking top appearance, a monofilament wig is the best option for you.


Lace front

A common misconception with wigs is that the hairline is very obvious and it is always best to wear a fringe to conceal any conspicuous 'join'. Therefore, you are restricted in your choice of wig styles. This is totally untrue thanks to the invention of lace front wigs which offer a virtually invisible hairline. The hair at the front of lace front wigs is even staggered or thinned slightly to emulate a natural hairline and the lace can be subtly fixed using special, transparent skin glue. So if you like to wear your hair swept back off your face or in a ponytail, consider trying this type of wig.

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